My good friend and Remap Engineer Peter, has been a major part of my ability to achieve what I have today. The Charity have assisted so many people around the country with their bespoke adaptations and designs, the beauty of their registered charity is that for non-profit purposes the designs for all the equipment made can be shared with regional panels around the country. Being able to assist other people with their needs, this was a major part of why I wanted to have a website designed: both for my artwork and my bespoke equipment. Because nearly all of my equipment is not available to purchase in the marketplace, it’s important to me to share with others. I am always challenging Peter with new designs to improve or make, I know the gets as much pleasure from doing this as I do having new abilities and independence.

Electrical Operated Easel

Because I am a mouth painter I have limited reach, my R.E.MA.P. Charity Engineer has designed me a bespoke built electric operated easel. With the means of operating a selection of buttons using a mouth stick I can traverse my painting vertically and horizontally, this now enables me to paint on any areas of the canvas. (Also the angle of the easel can be adjusted.

I have two containers located on the right hand side of the easel each of these having a mesh insert in the bottom to aid washing the paintbrush, I personally use the low odour Turpentine substitute.  My palette is positioned in front of me, which is cleaned every painting session and the paints easily removed and stored in an airtight container I have a paintbrush stand located on the left, which enables me to select the paintbrush or mouth stick required. I use old towels or cloth to wipe my paint brushes; these are just positioned where I require them and held in place with a bulldog clip.


I have used various standard paintbrushes and having watched other able bodied artists altering the angle of the brush by merely altering their wrist action, I wanted to simulate this with an angled paintbrush holder and I can twist the paintbrush in the holder. I purchased various paintbrush heads including the feral, (Rosemary & Co.) my Engineer friend made interchangeable ends that can be exchanged easily onto the angled mouth stick. I have various length mouth sticks, depending on what control  I require.

Paintbrush Docking Station

This is an upgrade from the previous docking station, I found that I could not see which paintbrush I was selecting on the lower levels. The new design which rotates gives me access and viewing to all brushes and palette knives. The rotating docking station was designed to house the interchangeable paint brush heads, it can be simply rotated using a mouth pencil home error that stick. This has various locations to house the many varied paintbrushes. When sliding the mouth stick holder onto the paintbrush tip slight pressure is needed to locate firmly. Once completed the paintbrush tip can either be used as docked originally or by twisting the paintbrush to a required angle by locating the brass pin on a hard surface and twisting in the holder. To change the paintbrush tip locate back into the required slot.

Rotating paintbrush wheel, this rotates clockwise enabling the paintbrushes to be selected.

Adjustable Palette Knives

I have always wanted to palette knife paint, the effects and simplicity of this way of painting I have admired for a long time. Having discussions with my remap engineer with finally came up with a way to enable me to do this. I purchased numerous palette knives which he modified for me. These needed to be fully interchangeable like my paintbrushes and so were fitted with the same attachments to enable me to use my

Mouth stick independently to change them when required.

Rotating Canvas Holder

Having now designed the palette knife, it was how to replicate the flexibility of the human wrist? The simple answer we came up with was to have a rotating canvas, this gave me the flexibility I needed along with the adjustability of the palette knife. This simple design is based on a bicycle sprocket with a lever on the side which acts as a brake should the canvas need securing while painting. These days I leave the break off and rotate the canvas accordingly while painting.

Desktop Drawing Easel

This is a standard table top easel, I use a simple clamp to hold the drawing pad in place.

Adjustable Pencil Holder

This clever piece of equipment enables me to angle my pencil and is adjustable to hold my pencil. I myself like to draw with the pencil on an angle, this enables me to do so and is extremely useful.

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