Everyday Eating Station

I spoke to my Engineer about a design for a  device to enable me to feed myself. A similar piece of equipment was designed some years earlier by another R.E.M.A.P. Team,  This consists of a simple stand, which has a turntable to easily turn the bowl around, a piece of anti slip mat keep the bowl safe while in use. A spoon holder fitted with a magnetic strip in a groove to hold the spoon. This spins round using the spoon or the protruding little arms .Once my meal in my bowl is situated on my turntable I can feed myself unaided. (this is easily one of my top five most important pieces of equipment)

Those of you who have spotted the blue and yellow bag sitting on the eating station, this is a counterbalance weight when it is sat on my table.

Mobile Eating Station

This is a lighter collapsible version which I carry with me in a laptop computer bag. This breaks down into the following components, it is easily assembled and enables me to enjoy my meal out family and friends

I have a wheelchair tray which I carry with me to sit my mobile eating station on, I have a slight recess in the wheelchair table and my mobile eating station slots into the recess and holds it tight in place.

Ceramic Bowl

I personally prefer a ceramic bowl which keeps my food warm when required. These I sourced and purchased from sculpta.co.uk, specialised pottery by Nathan Smallman sales@sculpta.co.uk

Desktop Kindle Book Holder

I use a Kindle book to read which I manage to operate using a mouth stick, the Kindle book Holder is made of wood enables me to read on a table and has various angles of adjustment. Situated on the side of the holder is a mouth stick holder.

Bedside Kindle Book Holder

My Kindle book locates in a Holder which is located on to my bedside rails, the holder consists of a flexible gooseneck which can be positioned where required. There is a magnetic holder which houses my mouth stick, my mouth stick currently is made of wooden dowel with a metal sleeve fitted with a rubber tip, I can then turn the pages over pressing a small metal plate located on the side of the holder.

Wheelchair Mobile Phone Holder

My mobile phone is located on my wheelchair by a L-shaped piece of aluminium tubing clamped onto the swing out control arm, the phone has an aluminium hardcase which is screwed to a bracket. I have a mouth stick holder located on the side. The mouth stick is a short piece of alloy tubing with a conductive tip at one end to use on a touchscreen, the mouthpiece is a piece of moulded plastic.

Telescopic Mouth Stick With Touchscreen Tips

This mouth stick is very much like the others except it consists of a telescopic insert to extend to the required length, it has a touchscreen conductive tip to use with various touch screen appliances.

Conductive Tips

I feel I should mention these as with today’s touchscreen appliances, using a mouth stick without these tips restricts me. I purchased these from etsy.com they are available with a selection of mouth sticks and other appliances, I only purchased the conductive tips to use my own mouth sticks.

Bedside iPad Mount

I required a bedside mount for my iPad, this adjustable arm fastens to my bed head. It extends in length and has the option of adjusting sideways with additional tilting option. The special mouthstick mount enables me to securely place the mouthstick in the holder unaided, with my short adjustable mouthstick with conductive tip I have total use of the iPad while in bed.

Appliance Mouthstick Holder

This Mouthstick holder is easily adaptable to any equipment where a mouth stick is needed. I use mine with a adjustable mouthstick to operate my iPod on my music station.

Hands Free Use of Computer Mouse

I use a all in one computer over my bed, I use Dragon speech software. However I needed a simple to use piece of equipment to operate the computers pointing device. I purchased a piece of bespoke equipment which is simply a plug in Bluetooth device, these are simply worn like glasses with a adjustable arm with a soft touch button which I operate with my mouth to use the mouse click function.

This simple yet effective piece of equipment is available from; http://glassouse.uk/push.php

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