Every artists needs somewhere to paint, I have a studio away from my everyday living  space.

I previously had a log cabin to paint in, like most of us I outgrew my trusty log cabin and decided to have a much larger studio built. This was something I had been thinking about for a good few years, I also wanted to have my own means of access: I have an automatic door opener fitted, which is operated by means of a mini fob fastened on my wheelchair, I operate this with my mouth stick from my mobile phone. Because I like to have numerous projects, including workspaces I needed more room. Also within this new painting space I wanted to have room for the possibility of others to join me, also with a small gallery of some of my artworks. I have included an Internet connection, with hopes in the future to do podcasts.

My studio in the garden is my favourite place, some people would find this strange but this place is where I forget the everyday struggles and challenges of being a person with a disability. To put those concerns behind me and totally engross all my thoughts and energies into being creative is my passport to ‘my arty world’  (All artists will know what I mean as we all escape to those special places when being creative).STUDIO-PIC-NOV-1-X-3.jpg

I try to have one or more projects ‘on the go’ at any one time, this enables me to put to one side a piece of work, should I not find inspiration at that time. I am not one of those artists who has the gift to look at a blank canvas and create a painting. My ideas can be sparked into life from an image I have collated either in my studio or these days on my computer. I like to draw and design my paintings on paper, this can take a number of days to be finally completed. I will then trace the design image onto a prepared canvas ready for painting, this method I find is a cleaner way of getting the design on canvas. Also keeping the tracing means you can use the image again if needed.

My extended paint brushes have enabled me to work further away from my painting. I also have a range of various different paintbrushes at hand to interchange when required. This can be easily done unaided by myself as the range of heads are situated in a purpose built docking station. . (more info)

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