IFL Ends. What Next?


Today we mourn the passing of a reliable and life changing Service.

Many Disabled people have based their lives around this Service, which has enabled us to live our lives Independently, with Dignity and Stability. Also it has given us the independence to Integrate into society and our communities. With this independence achieving goals and aspirations are now possible) which were only ‘mere hopes and dreams’) before the Service, came available to us.

Having these Services (which to every able-bodied person is just an everyday occurrence) has changed lives and has ‘made a difference’ . Many of us were involved with the consultation process including many able-bodied people, who could see the importance of this and were affected directly by their friends and loved one’s using this Service.

Many of our MPs who also could see the importance of people with a disability having this service, who ‘stood up’ and put our case forward to the Government to continue supporting and investing funds into this important Service.

Not forgetting the staff and caseworkers who worked for the Independent Living Fund, these dedicated people visited each client individually and assessed their needs. These people helped to give independence and dignity to those that needed it. As the importance of the funding became ‘apparent’ and despite many consultations extra funding was not made available, the government just did not ‘listen’.

As we stop for a minuet’s silence at the passing of this Service.

Please spare a thought for those people who cannot advocate for themselves, who are constantly worrying and are not sure of their independence and stability for the future. We have been assured however; that the Service will continue with our Local Authorities (this funding has not been ring fenced and could be subject to change in the future), in these worrying times of cutbacks; this is a concern for all.


Thank you for changing our lives, we will never forget you…..

Independent Living Fund service user.

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