Now I am not usually one to stand up and rant and protest about the farcical “Powers who run this Country” (first of all ‘standing ‘ would be a bloody miracle in itself – the other the Old Boy’s Club who supposedly run this Country “Listening ‘ would be another ….)

But here I am ….. I have heard the Government are in a dilemma about what to do with the Houses of Parliament …. This important building designed and built by our ancestors, (they obviously didn’t foresee the prospect of global warming and rising sea levels…?) now that’s anther ‘rant’ for another time…)

so this important, regal building is falling into desolation and decay… Mother Nature is reclaiming her own where she can and ‘good old acid rain’ is doing the rest….

The total cost of returning this building to its former glory and updating it to accommodate today’s technology (which will be outdated by the time it’s completed (familiar theme here….) The sum runs into Billions! This is ludicrous and immoral !!….

That amount of money could be put to a better use… (All of which I am lead to believe being paid for by the Tax Payer…) Firstly on a topic close to my heart , the death bell on the ILF (Independent Living Fund ) is tolling and closes on 30th June. Bringing to an end the independence and stability a lot of severely disabled people have relied on and built their lives around. There are numerous other excellent Services and good causes being withdrawn and will change people’s lives who desperately need these to live and survive…

Now, Guy Fawkes tried to ‘do his bit’ history tells us, so either pull it down or make the building safe and accessible for use as a tourist attraction (ideally give it to the National Trust to run , leaving the tax payer nothing to pay..)

Then there is the quandary ‘if they move’ and where?. Now that’s another thing they are concerned about’ – should they stay there and have the work carried out around them and take longer – And more Money or move out and it takes less time and Less Money…? ) no doubt countless hours of important parliament time will be wasted talking about this dilemma ..

Then the other question , If we move out where do we go?.. Now to the ‘common man’ that’s easy… How about choosing one of those many empty buildings the Government has paid for which they are tied into long term rent for and doesn’t use… This would make Sense… All they need are some pull out chairs so to sit on and then they can continue their business of debating and running this country…

So please, please listen to good old common sense and don’t waste any more Tax Payers Money… !!!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to ‘listen’ ……

I’m not a political activist, but it frustrates and saddens me to plainly see that wasting money on an old building is wrong, when there are peoples lives being effected due to lack of appropriate funding..

If you too feel strongly about this please pass this around and voice your own opinions, we do live in a Free Democratic Society they tell us!… ( who are they..?)


Take care



Person with a Disability.

Also Independent Living Fund Service user.

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