I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of some health products I find are useful to me. I like to work on the principles of prevention – better than cure.


I would ask you seek professional advice before considering to take them, I am no means a health guru, but wanted to make you aware of them.


Fizzy C – vitamin C tablets. These are free from all sweeteners and no additives. I take one a day for a good vitamin C intake. Website; Amazon.co.uk


Freeze dried cranberries. –  These are natural grown cranberries, again with no artificial sweeteners or additives. I have A dessert spoon of these in water every day, excellent way to help prevent bladder infections. Website; healthysupplies.co.uk


Acidophilus tablets. – These are a more natural way of putting the good bacteria into your stomach. They come in various strengths and professional advice should be consulted before taking. They have a great deal more good bacteria than the probiotic yoghurts.  – website;  www.simplysupliments.net

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